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Rigpa homepage

Rigpa is an international network of centres and groups offering the Buddha’s teachings in a way that is both authentic and beneficial for people in the modern world. Rigpa offers courses and seminars in meditation and compassion, as well as a complete path of study and practice that follows every stage of the Buddha’s teachings.

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Upcoming Events

Rigpa's main centres around the world host a regular programme of talks, weekend seminars and retreats led by Rigpa's senior instructors and teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. For courses and other programmes, please check your local centres website.

Activity in Society

The Spiritual Care Programme offers non-denominational, contemplative-based care and education for people from all walks of life to discover their own inner resources for well-being and wholeness. Read more

Rigpa and affiliated entities regularly host international conferences that bring together Buddhist teachers, scientists & leading experts to discuss the benefits of meditation, compassion and other topics. Lerab Ling Conferences  |  Compassion in Society

 Death and Dying

Charitable Projects supported by us: Each year Rigpa sponsors a number of monasteries in the East, educational projects, the freeing of lives of animals, as well as many charities directly helping victims of natural disasters. Read more