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Sogyal Rinpoche's Parinirvana

Sogyal Rinpoche was a world-renowned Buddhist teacher from Tibet, recognized as the incarnation of a great master and visionary saint of the nineteenth century, Tertön Sogyal Lerab Lingpa. He founded the international Buddhist network Rigpa, was the author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and dedicated over 45 years to bringing the Buddhist teachings to the West. Sogyal Rinpoche entered into parinirvana on 28th August, 2019.

 Prayers and Practices

In Tibetan Buddhism, the period of forty-nine days following someone’s passing is considered to be the most powerful time to do spiritual practice for them.

In the case of a highly accomplished Dzogchen master such as Sogyal Rinpoche, the moment of death is considered to be the moment of ultimate liberation—the crowning moment of his realization, and the consummation of his practice. So in this case, it is more a matter of us connecting with the realization of the master through prayer and personal practice.

Many lamas have given advice about the prayers and practices to do at this time, for anyone who has a connection to Sogyal Rinpoche.

This information will be updated here as new advice is received.


Prayers and practices anyone can do

Any spiritual practice you are familiar with can be beneficial. Khandro Tsering Chödrön often used to say that if you really have a good heart, and really mean well, and then pray for someone, that prayer will be very effective. So be confident that if someone you love very much has died, and you pray for them with true love and sincerity, your prayer will be exceptionally powerful.


Vajrayana practitioners

The recommended practices for Vajrayana students at this time are:

  • Guru Yoga*

  • Rigdzin Düpa Tsok

  • Magon Chamdral, Protectors practices

  • Narak Kong Shak

  • Vajrasattva mantra

  • Heart of Vajrasattva

  • Tsok

  • Prayers to Guru Rinpoche

*If you wish to do an essential guru yoga practice (uniting your mind with the wisdom mind of the master) you can find a guided practice here. You can find fuller details about this practice in the 9th chapter of Sogyal Rinpoche’s book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.



Practices at Lerab Ling

Everyone with a connection to Sogyal Rinpoche is welcome to participate in the schedule of daily practices and ceremonies organised in Lerab Ling.
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Many lamas and friends have sent heartfelt messages and testimonies honouring Sogyal Rinpoche and his accomplishments, and offering their advice and prayers. Read the testimonies

Sponsoring Practices and Ceremonies

If you would like to sponsor practices & ceremonies for Sogyal Rinpoche, following his Parinirvana, such as material offerings of lights, flowers and food (Tsok); sponsorship of Lamas and monks to conduct prayers and practices; hosting of special ceremonies such as 49th-day practice and cremation, you can do so here.