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"I would like Rigpa to be firmly established as a vehicle for the transmission of the extraordinary teachings of Dzogpachenpo (the highest teaching of Buddha), in the modern world. In order for this to happen, it is crucially important that we become genuine practitioners of the Dharma, motivated by the sincere wish to bring all beings to the state of enlightenment. This is the vision of Rigpa, which is in the true spirit of bodhichitta, as we seek to make a lasting contribution to the Dharma, for the benefit of all humanity."   Sogyal Rinpoche

Giving in Buddhism

Since ancient times, the spirit of generosity has been a defining characteristic of the Buddhist tradition. Today, as the Buddhist teachings spread throughout the modern world, your support is needed more than ever.

There are many ways you can help Sogyal Rinpoche to fulfil his vision of communicating the Buddha’s teachings to modern men and women.

For an overview and more detailed description of the charitable projects Rigpa supports, please go here.

You can make an online donation here.


You can make gifts to Rigpa in the following ways:

  1. Secure online donation by Credit Card or PayPal
  2. Via your national Rigpa Centre
  3. By international bank transfer
    Please send an email to and we will
    provide you with our bank information. 
  4. Direct contact
    Please contact a member of our staff to discuss sustaining
    gifts at levels of €5,000 or above.

Tax-efficient Giving

In most countries Rigpa has full charitable status with tax benefits. 
If you would like to make a tax-efficient donation in the country you
are resident, or wish to talk things over with a member of our team, 
please contact us at:

The Rigpa Legacy Programme  |
The Tertön Sogyal Foundations

Long-term financial security of Sogyal Rinpoche's work is the primary focus of the Tertön Sogyal Foundations which are currently established in the UK, FranceUSA and Germany. One of the most lasting and significant ways that you can support Rigpa’s work is by making a donation through your Will.