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Rigpa News

Welcome to Rigpa News, where we share recent activities and events in Rigpa, and from around the Buddhist world.

For information about how Rigpa is reforming, visit our ‘Moving Forward’ page.

Under the Bodhi Tree

Gill (Rigpa)

The Rigpa sangha is currently immersed in a 16-day period of practice world-wide, dedicated to the complete healing of the Rigpa sangha and for the fulfilment of the wishes of all the masters of our tradition. Over 300 sangha members are gathered under the Bodhi tree n Bodhgaya while others a practising at home, all around the world. Whether sitting under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya itself, or following online, everyone has expressed feelings of joy and oneness, and a deep sense of sangha and community.

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10 Science-Based Reasons to Start Meditating Today INFOGRAPHIC

Gill (Rigpa)

From the archives of the ‘What Meditation Really Is’ blog, comes this post from Emma Seppälä, PhD:
Whether we're long-term meditators or just getting started, we invest time out of our day to meditate because we believe or have experienced that meditation has benefits. Some of us may experience this as increased focus, others as decreased stress. What we may not be aware of, however, is the extent of the benefits that meditation can have. … However, the growing field of meditation research provides sufficient data to keep us inspired to continue with our daily practice! Here is an info graphic that summarizes some of the benefits research is showing.

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A Focus on Healing and Compassion - news from the Rigpa USA Retreat

Richard Grimes

Rigpa USA held its annual autumn retreat near Santa Cruz, California from 24 November – 1 December. During the first weekend, two parallel programs were held with a focus on healing. One group participated in a powerfully moving process of listening, hearing and acknowledging, that was led by An Olive Branch, a project of the Zen Center of Pittsburgh with broad experience in helping Buddhist sanghas heal from crises. A second group of sangha members practiced Narak Kong Shak. Both groups found the programmes heart-opening, transformative, and mutually supportive.

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Astrology, Art and Rimé – the Rigpa Calendar’s 40th edition

Gill (Rigpa)

This coming year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Rigpa Tibetan Calendar. First published in 1979 and based on the ancient tradition of Tibetan astrology, the calendar has evolved with the developments in art, design technology and printing, but has never lost sight of its core purpose—to honour the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, to celebrate and share unique Tibetan Buddhist art, and above all to serve as an indispensable guide for every practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Unique Prayer Gathering Under the Bodhi Tree

Gill (Rigpa)

Imagine a place where Buddhists of all traditions are gathered in a colourful and vibrant mix of nationalities and languages. All wearing the robes of their tradition—grey, maroon, brown, gold—all boldly, loudly chanting prayers according to the liturgies of their tradition, and making offerings of flower garlands, fruits and foods. A glorious cacophony of sound, colour, and inspiration!

This is Bodhgaya. It is here that Rigpa will hold a prayer gathering under the famous Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya in 2019

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Compassion, complaints and an external independent council


One way the Rigpa community can care for each other is by knowing how to raise a complaint or grievance about past or present behaviour in Rigpa. This includes informing friends who have left Rigpa and may have an unresolved ethical question or complaint that impacts on their peace of mind. Rigpa has put in place a grievance process that operates at the local and national level, but also includes an external independent council that can be contacted directly. The national councils and independent council are empowered to make recommendations to the Rigpa boards, including the Vision Board, which the boards commit to act on.

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Independent Investigation Report


In July 2017 a number of allegations of misconduct were brought against Rigpa's founder, Sogyal Rinpoche. One of the actions undertaken by Rigpa was to commission an independent investigation into the allegations to enable witnesses to come forward and be listened to in an open, impartial and sensitive way.

The report also makes recommendations to Rigpa as a public charity.

The report can be found here.

A statement in response to the report made by Rigpa’s boards can be found here.