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Online Learning

Rigpa Online Courses offer a complete path of study and practice in
Tibetan Buddhist meditation, wherever you are in the world.
Courses are available in English, French & Spanish.

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The Rigpa Online Courses program provides study and practice guidance and support for students who are not able to take courses at established Rigpa centers. While students are encouraged to develop a daily practice, and to engage with regular study of the course curriculum, students are free to participate in the ways and extent that fit their circumstances. 

All our online programmes are available to
students all around the globe.

The courses are generally 8 to 12 weeks in length, with one session per week. Students post answers to a weekly assignments which the instructors read and respond to. The instructor will also post a weekly summary. Many students have commented that a weekly cycle is very helpful in developing and maintaining a regular study and practice schedule.

Cours de Rigpa en ligne - Francophone

Le programme des cours de Rigpa en ligne a démarré aux États-Unis en 1999. Forts de ces onze années d’expérience, un centre de cours en ligne francophone a ouvert en octobre 2010.  Plus d'informations

Cursos de Rigpa online - Hispanohablante

Los cursos de Rigpa online forman un programa de estudio bien establecido que comenzó en 1999 en los Estados Unidos. Estamos encantados de inaugurar un nuevo centro online en español, en noviembre 2010, con un equipo de instructores experimentados, de los cuales todos han completado el retiro de tres años.  Más información