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Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering


Rigpa's main centres around the world host a regular programme of talks, weekend seminars and retreats led by Rigpa's senior instructors and teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. For courses and other programmes, please check your local centres’ website.

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Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering

Uniting our hearts and minds under the Bodhi Tree

Rigpa will hold a special prayer gathering in Bodhgaya, India from 1 to 16 March 2019. (The gathering will be preceded by teachings from Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche for the Rigpa sangha from 27 to 28 February.) This will be an opportunity to gather and unite our hearts and minds in prayer and meditation at the very place where the Buddha reached enlightenment, at the Vajra seat under the Bodhi Tree.

Practising to restore and renew our spiritual path

Our community has gone through great turmoil this past year. This gathering will be a meaningful way for us to respond to these challenges by restoring and renewing our spiritual path, including our connections with each other and all our teachers.

A special emphasis will be placed on practices of confession and purification, which will be the best way for our sangha to heal and move forward. We will practise from both the Sutra and Tantra tradition, including Narak Kong Shak and Vajrasattva. We will also spend time in silent meditation and quiet mantra recitation.

This is an open invitation to everyone connected with Rigpa through the years. Everybody is welcome to join this prayer gathering.

Practical Information

Where in Bodhgaya

Space has been reserved for the gathering directly in front of the Bodhi tree, where countless great masters and pilgrims have meditated, prayed and made offerings.

You are encouraged to join us for the whole period, however any amount of time that you are able to attend will be of great benefit. If you are planning to participate in full, we recommend that you arrive a day or two early in order to settle in, and plan your departure no earlier than 17 March.


Offerings of flowers, lights and food will be made daily to the seat of Buddha’s enlightenment and new robes will be offered to the sacred image of Buddha in the Mahabodhi Temple. Everyone will have the opportunity to make a donation toward these offerings when you are in Bodhgaya.

If you would like to make a donation towards tsok, light and other offerings, you can do so here.

Travel and Accommodation

If you wish to join the gathering, please organise your visa and make your own travel and accommodation arrangements. It is now possible to fly from Delhi, Bangkok or Colombo to Gaya airport, which is just 10 km from Bodhgaya. You can find some accommodation suggestions here.


Register here. We will need to know how many people to expect for the planning and logistics around the stupa.

Electronic devices

Please be aware that electronic devices such as Kindle, iPad, tablets and mobile phones are not permitted in the stupa area.

Helping with the event

This event is organised by the students of the Rigpa sangha. We are looking for help to organise and run the event. If you can offer any time now or during the event please email us at:

Medical disclaimer

Neither Rigpa nor the Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering organisers can be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage to personal property or bodily injury or death during the period of the Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering.

We cannot provide medical or psychological care, medication, hospitalization or transportation. Please ensure that you, and any accompanying children, have adequate medical insurance. Medical insurance is highly recommended and it is your responsibility to arrange this in advance of coming to the event.

This includes the medical health of children under the age of 18. It is entirely the parents responsibility if they decide to bring children to Bodhgaya or the event.

The Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering is a practice event organised by students within Rigpa. It is not intended as a substitute for psychotherapy. If you have a psychological or psychiatric problem, we recommend that you inform your therapist or doctor before coming. If you are taking medication prescribed by your doctor, please continue to take it during your stay. If you disregard this advice we regret that neither the Bodhgaya Prayer Gathering group nor Rigpa can be held responsible in any way.


For any questions about the event write to: