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Summer Meditation Retreats | Ireland and France


Rigpa's main centres around the world host a regular programme of talks, weekend seminars and retreats led by Rigpa's senior instructors and teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. For courses and other programmes, please check your local centres’ website.

More events will be published here as they are confirmed.

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Summer Meditation Retreats | Ireland and France

Discover and deepen meditation this summer in Dzogchen Beara, Ireland and Lerab Ling, France.

This June & July both of Rigpa's retreat centres, Dzogchen Beara on the wild Atlantic coast of south-west Ireland and Lerab Ling on the picturesque Larzac plateau in southern France will hold summer meditation retreats where you can relax and discover or deepen your meditation.

Take a break from your everyday busyness and stress, and enter into the experience of meditation, where the beauty and calm of the environment naturally inspire the mind to settle into mindfulness and awareness.

Dzogchen Beara Summer Meditation Retreat
Peaceful Mind, Loving Heart: Meditations for finding peace and developing loving kindness

with Andrew Warr, supported by senior instructors. Andrew is known for his experience and expertise in teaching meditation and loving kindness.

(The retreat will be held in English)

Full Retreat: 23 - 30 June
• Meditation Option 23 - 26 June
• Loving Kindness Option 27- 30 June

Lerab Ling Meditation Retreat
Coming to Know Your Own Mind

Led by an international team of senior instructors: Tenzin Jigme, Valerie Baker, Pascale Tanant, Frederic Chastelas, David Rycroft and Miguel Oramas

(The retreat will be held in French and English with translation into English, French, Spanish & German)

Full retreat: 1 - 11 July
• 1 - 6 July: Part One includes a complete introduction to meditation for new or experienced meditators
• 7 - 11 July: Part Two will deepen meditation through more meditation practice and silence; more suited to people who already have some experience of meditation through having attended Rigpa courses or events.