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Rigpa News

Welcome to Rigpa News, where we aim to share recent activities and events in Rigpa, and from around the Buddhist world.

A secret army of support through prayers


New to Buddhism in 2002, I couldn’t understand how writing my recently deceased father’s name on a piece of paper, a ‘prayer list’, could possibly help him or me. Skip ahead 15 years when my mother was dying, after practising Buddhism for a few years I had gained a whole new understanding and appreciation for how prayers can help us at any time of life—either when we are facing challenges or even as a support in good times.

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Making Rigpa’s values more visible with a code of conduct


In the past I worked for a business that created a new set of shared values and code of behaviour after it merged with another company. It was surprisingly rewarding to contemplate values in a commercial setting—it was so different to what we normally spent our time on. In contrast, ethical behaviour is something Buddhists often study, contemplate and discuss from the outset of their studies. It’s an integral part of the Buddhist path.

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Welcome to Rigpa News


Hi everyone, welcome to Rigpa News!

We're opening this page to share recent developments and events happening in Rigpa as they unfold. A lot has happened in the past eight months. Rigpa is undergoing change and transformation and we recognize the need to communicate in many different ways, and more regularly.

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