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Rigpa News

Hi everyone, welcome to Rigpa News!

We're opening this page to share recent developments and events happening in Rigpa as they unfold. A lot has happened in the past eight months. Rigpa is undergoing change and transformation and we recognize the need to communicate in many different ways, and more regularly.

Rigpa’s main purpose is to share the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist teachings, and this is unchanging despite all the challenges we are currently going through.

We look forward to introducing you to the people who make up Rigpa and sharing all kinds of news and information, not only about activities and events happening in Rigpa, but also news from the Buddhist world. We hope to share many voices on this page.

Let us know what you think...

Independent Investigation Report


In July 2017 a number of allegations of misconduct were brought against Rigpa's founder, Sogyal Rinpoche. One of the actions undertaken by Rigpa was to commission an independent investigation into the allegations to enable witnesses to come forward and be listened to in an open, impartial and sensitive way.

The report also makes recommendations to Rigpa as a public charity.

The report can be found here.

A statement in response to the report made by Rigpa’s boards can be found here.