Watch teachings on meditation

Sogyal Rinpoche explains that there is much more to meditation than saying mantras and burning incense.

Sogyal Rinpoche explains how the 'calm abiding' of shamatha and the 'clear seeing' of vipashyana can lead to the realization of the nature of mind.

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The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying,
by Sogyal Rinpoche

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is a book to return to again and again, to renew and deepen your understanding.

As Sogyal Rinpoche writes in the introduction:

"These teachings are the heart essence of the oral lineage, that unbroken line of wisdom passed down as a living experience over the centuries. Behind it, supporting it with their advice and answers to questions, are the greatest masters of our time. It is their voice that speaks through these pages, their wisdom and their vision of a compassionate world infused by the knowledge of our true nature, the innermost nature of mind".

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Natural Great Peace by Sogyal Rinpoche

This booklet contains a short but complete teaching that explains in simple terms what the Buddha taught, and how we can apply these teachings to ourselves.

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