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Neuchâtel, Switzerland 17 - 18 May More information

London, UK 24 - 25 May More information

The practice of compassion has for centuries been a guiding principle in the world’s major religious and ethical traditions—but it has never been more urgently needed than it is today.

During this weekend, led by Patrick Gaffney**, we will explore what compassion means to us, learn methods for cultivating our empathy and compassion, and see how these qualities can be integrated and applied in our daily life.

Using the classic text, 'The Eight Verses for Transforming the Mind', as a basis, we will start to observe how our mind operates, the tricks it can play, and how this influences the way we relate to other people and the world around us.

With great clarity, warmth and humour, Patrick skilfully guides us in a process of learning and discovery, through which we can begin to transform our attitudes and relationships, develop strength and resilience, and bring more wisdom and compassion into every aspect of our lives.

Patrick Gaffney

About Patrick Gaffney

Patrick Gaffney is the senior-most teacher amongst Sogyal Rinpoche’s students and teaches regularly at retreats and public events around the world. He was co-editor of Sogyal Rinpoche’s groundbreaking book, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and has edited two books by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.