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The Rigpa Scholarship Fund

Unfolding the Vision of Sogyal Rinpoche

For the Dharma to genuinely take root and flourish here in the West, it is vital that Buddhist communities train and support scholars, translators, instructors and practitioners.

People with skills and experience in areas like these can provide guidance to other students on the spiritual path, and continue the unbroken living lineage of wisdom that is the heart of the Buddhist tradition.

The Purpose of the Rigpa Scholarship Fund

The purpose of the Rigpa Scholarship Fund is to develop specific areas of Rigpa’s Dharma activity to a level of excellence by supporting the training of selected Rigpa students.
For example:

  • Instructors and teachers can be supported to attend a course
    of instructor training;
  • Translators and scholars can be supported to attend the Shedra
    or train in Tibetan translation;
  • Practice holders can be supported to attend specialised training sessions;

Students could also be supported to train in Spiritual Care education training or to complete a personal retreat.

Anyone seeking sponsorship should do so through the Rigpa Scholarship Fund. Sogyal Rinpoche strongly encourages donors to give to this fund rather than respond to personal requests for sponsorship. By doing so, donors can ensure that their donations will be used in accordance with Rinpoche’s own wishes and priorities, and be invested in those who are most likely to further his vision.

Requirements for Applicants

A typical Scholarship Fund applicant is a Rigpa student who has demonstrated a lasting commitment to supporting Sogyal Rinpoche's vision. He or she should have the intention, capacity and circumstances to dedicate a considerable amount of their time to Dharma activities.

All students receiving sponsorship from the fund will do so with the understanding that, in return, they will share the fruits of their study and practice by serving the Rigpa Sangha and contributing to Rigpa’s work.

The Application Process

National Teams comprised of the national management and senior instructors receive applications from students from their particular country. After careful selection, they propose the candidates who they believe are worthy of consideration to the International Scholarship Fund Board. After that, scholarships are granted with the approval of Sogyal Rinpoche and a panel of Rigpa’s senior teachers and directors.

Scholarship holders receive personal mentorship from a Rigpa senior instructor, who designs a three-year development path for the scholar to follow.  The scholarship fund is asked to support scholars to complete their personal development plan.

Download the Application Form

If you are interested in applying for the Rigpa Scholarship Fund, please
download the application form
. Fill it out and email it, together with your
employment CV and letter of motivation, to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.