Announcing Sogyal Rinpoche's teaching programme for Autumn 2013

In the coming months, Sogyal Rinpoche will be teaching in many different cities all over Europe. These events are open to everyone so they offer a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to meet Sogyal Rinpoche for the first time as well as those who are already familiar with his teachings.

With his remarkable gift for presenting the essence of Tibetan Buddhism in a way that is both authentic and profoundly relevant to the modern mind, Sogyal Rinpoche is one of the most renowned teachers of our time.

The atmosphere Rinpoche creates is one of incredible warmth, love, and penetrating insight, as if he were speaking directly to the heart of each and everyone present.


Autumn Dates

27-29 September Weekend Teachings, London, UK

3-6 October City Retreat, Berlin, Germany

11-13 October Weekend Teachings, Zurich, Switzerland

15 October Public Talk, Barcelona, Spain

17 - 20 October Retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche, Tarragona, Spain

25-28 October Long Weekend Retreat, Dzogchen Beara, Ireland

23 November Day of teachings, Lerab Ling, France