Finding Peace, Compassion and Wisdom in a Complex World  E-mail

This complete teaching from Adelaide, 2 February 2004 brings together many aspects of Sogyal Rinpoche's instruction on meditation into one essential teaching.

What determines whether we are happy or suffering is our perception of ourselves and the world. Therefore, if we can overcome our dualistic mind, we will no longer be subject to the fickleness of momentary thoughts and moods, and find lasting happiness. We achieve this through practising meditation, compassion, and above all, by transforming our mind.

Meditation slows down our tendency to grasp and react to what we perceive. By gradually learning to remain undistracted in the pure knowing quality of the mind, concepts and conflicting emotions dissolve and we discover our inherent wisdom.

In this teaching, Rinpoche explains in depth and with great humour how meditation allows us to work directly with the three mental consciousnesses, purify ourselves of all obscurations and, ultimately, attain enlightenment.