Retreat centres

Rigpa has two retreat centres dedicated to providing secluded and inspiring environments in which people can study and practise the Buddhist teachings.

Our main centre at Lerab Ling, near Montpellier in southern France, is home to a three-storey temple, built in the style of a traditional Tibetan monastery and housing a seven metre high statue of the Buddha.

A series of summer retreats, led by Sogyal Rinpoche and other visiting teachers, and designed to suit students of all levels, is held at Lerab Ling each year. From August 2006 to November 2009, more than 400 students took part in a Three Year Retreat at Lerab Ling. A further 3500 are following a home retreat programme.

Sogyal Rinpoche also conducts a number of annual retreats in Europe, the United States and Australia, as well as teaching events and public talks in many different countries.


Lerab Ling


Dzogchen Beara


Spiritual Care Centre


Berlin City Retreat Centre