Testimonials from Rigpa Students sponsored
by the Rigpa Scholarship Fund in 2010

Thanks to the contributions made to the Rigpa Scholarship Fund by our donors, we are able to sponsor practitioners, Tibetan translators and instructors. They will all undergo further training and studies in order to support teaching and practice programmes in our main Rigpa centres.

In addition, we support long-serving students who played leading roles in holding Rigpa programmes, to enter personal retreat.

All of this has only been made possible by the support of our donors. It is our aim to keep investing in people—the future holders of our study and practice traditions—is crucial for the future of Rigpa.

The statements that follow below, from some of the beneficiaries of this support, will, we hope, best illustrate how the Rigpa Scholarship Fund is being used to benefit Rigpa in the long term.

If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.

First Drupchö at the Rigpa Berlin Centre

Inspired by the presence of practitioners who had completed the Three-Year Retreat at Lerab Ling, quite spontaneously, the very first drupchö of Rigdzin Düpa was held at the Rigpa Berlin centre, shortly before Losar 2010.

Kirsten Czeczor wrote, “After the conclusion of the Three-Year Retreat, it was my greatest wish to bring back some of my understanding and inspiration from these years of deep transformation, to wherever I would live. Thanks to the
Scholarship Fund I was able to go to Berlin, with the aim of supporting the new Rigpa centre and its dynamic vision of
practice and study.

Personally, I regard it a tremendous privilege to be in Berlin, practicing, and trying my best to bring some small taste of
Lerab Ling, the heart of the Rigpa Mandala, to Germany.
I am most grateful to all the generous and visionary sponsors
for their kindness and I pray strongly that we will be able continue
this kind of support here in Berlin and many other places as well!”

Kirsten Czeczor is a member of the Practicing Sangha at the Rigpa Berlin centre, helping to hold practice sessions, courses, sangha days and other programmes.

If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.

Practising Sangha flourishes at Lerab Ling

At Lerab Ling, we were able to hold and keep pace with all the drupchös and practice intensives that Sogyal Rinpoche wished for,
in almost exactly the same way as during the Three-Year Retreat.

Jane Bye remarked, “It’s amazing to see how devoted and committed the practitioners are to both work and practice here at Lerab Ling; the atmosphere is very joyful! The blessings of the Three-Year Retreat continue to carry us and make everything we
do ever more profound. We now have a strong sangha who are deeply committed to following Rinpoche's teachings and devoting their time to study and practice.

We still need more full-time practitioners to hold the area of ritual
and to further train in our unique lineage of practice. I do hope more people will be able to follow such trainings here at Lerab Ling in the future, so that they can then share this knowledge with our sanghas in all parts of the world.”

Jane Packham is a senior instructor specializing in Meditation, Ngöndro and Tendrel Nyesel. She also participates regularly in special practices held at the Lerab Ling Temple.

If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.

Rigpa’s Shedra in the East

Ever year in Nepal and India, a number of Rigpa students continue to apply themselves to the study of traditional Buddhist scriptures, as well as learning Tibetan, as part of Rigpa’s Shedra East programme.

Damien wrote, “Everyday I remember the incredible privilege it is to be able to dedicate all my time to study the Dharma, especially in such an auspicious place as here in Pharping. Thanks to the support of many of our donors, I was able to follow an intensive programme of Madhyamika Philosophy and Tibetan translation at the Rigpa Shedra, and later at Namdroling Monastery in South India, for complete immersion in a Tibetan environment.

The momentum of the Three Year Retreat together with a feeling of close connection with all Rigpa students both sustain my motivation and determination to study well. In the future, I wish in return to be able to help the wider Rigpa sangha to become familiar with the texts of the great Indian and Tibetan masters of the past, that form the foundation of all Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

A sincere and warm thank you to all of you who are supporting the Translator and Scholar programme through the Rigpa Scholarship Fund.”

Damien is studying texts and training as an instructor at the Rigpa Shedra in Pharping, Nepal.

If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.

Ian Ives also wrote, “For me, studying the Dharma is a way to see, with deeper and deeper certainty, the truth of the Buddha's teachings. Not only does study give us the confidence to practice the teachings, it also enables us to communicate the Dharma to others, authentically. This precious treasure of Dharma has, for more than 2,000 years, been authentically transmitted through studying the scriptures and realizing their meaning, through practice. Without the scriptures, there cannot be a complete tradition of study, and without study, there cannot be a complete tradition of realization. I can think of no more important or meaningful endeavor than supporting the study, translation, and practice of the Dharma, so that it can be available to as many beings as possible, and for countless generations to come. Whoever supports such an effort, in whatever way, has my deepest gratitude and respect.”

Ian Ives studies Tibetan texts at the Rigpa Shedra and training to become an instructor. Here he explains debate to some first year students.

If you are interested in supporting Rigpa students to further their education, you can make a donation directly online.