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Dare to Meditate


Dare to Meditate

A 10 step introduction to meditation


1. What is meditation?


2. The Key to Meditation is learning how to be

Regardless of who we are, the main purpose of our life is to be happy.

In this video Sogyal Rinpoche offers advice on how to find inner peace and contentment, and explains why meditation has such an important role to play.



3. Your first meditation session

As the Tibetan teacher Mingyur Rinpoche explains, when you meditate, you are giving your mind a job—and gradually, as the mind becomes more and more familiar with its job, a natural and powerful transformation occurs.

4. Getting to know to your mind

In this next video, Sogyal Rinpoche explains what Buddha taught... in just six words.


5. Meditation posture

When we meditate, we need to sit properly. As you watch this video, try out the posture for yourself, and then spend a few minutes sitting in meditation.


6. Meditation methods

Two simple and effective methods that you can use when you meditate are watching the breath and focusing on an object. As you watch these two videos, give each method a try. Take your time, and watch them as many times as you like.


7. Key points to remember

In these videos, Sogyal Rinpoche reminds us that meditation is really very simple, and Mingyur Rinpoche gives some important advice for beginners. 


8. What meditation is not

In these videos, the Tibetan teachers Mingyur Rinpoche and Khandro Rinpoche talk about some of the misunderstandings that we can have about meditation.


9. Guided meditation

Now that you’re familiar with the basic meditation posture, as well as the methods of watching the breath and focusing on an object, here’s a simple guided meditation that you can follow.


10. Meditation in everyday life

In our final video, Sogyal Rinpoche explains how we can integrate meditation into our everyday lives?